There are two Rotary Foundations that the Williamsburg Rotary Club supports:

See the attached letter explaining our club policy relative to the two Foundations that our Rotarians are asked to Support - Click on the following: Williamsburg Rotary Club Two Foundations committment Letter. 


For more detailed information, click on the appropriate item of the menu under Foundations.


In general, the Williamsburg Rotary Foundation (WRF) receives contributions from its members quarterly, and provides non-profit organizations in the Williamsburg area with annual gifts.  This foundation also provides scholarships to local high school aged students for colleges and universities in the United States.


In general, The Rotary International Foundation (RI Foundation) provides for quarterly/annual contributions from its members to support the work of other Rotary Clubs throughout the world.  Rotary International has focused on the eradication of polio, clean water availability, and generally, the improvement of health, education, and the alleviation of poverty on a global scale. Ambassadorial scholarships are included in the support of education. Allocation of donations to RI Foundation can be made through our club's quarterly invoice statements and authorized using the following Donation Authorization Form.