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Past Program and Officers Archive - Items Needed
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<<< Our Club has Agreed to do October Delivery - meaning packing and Mailing of boxes must occur in mid-to-late August  --  it takes apprx 6 wks for packages to reach Iraq ---PLEASE NOTIFY FRANK FERRANTE IF YOU CAN HANDLE GATHERING OR DONATING ANY OF THE ITEMS LISTED - HOLD ALL ITEMS UNTIL PACKING EVENING IS TO BE SET - WE NEED TO GATHER AT LEAST 100 OF EACH ITEM - -THANKS>>


Here is a listing of items for the Comfort Kits to be packages in individual plastic bags, boxed, and shipped to Iraq.


TOILETRIES (TRAVEL OR HOTEL SIZE) (Place all together in a plastic bag)

            Bar Soap (Provided by Hotels & Motels affiliated with HM Association)

            Toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental hygiene items (Provided by Tom Bowe & Jep Doley)

            Disposable razor and shaving cream (Provided by Hotels & Motels affiliated with HM Association)

            Deodorant ?

            Shampoo(Provided by Hotels & Motels affiliated with HM Association)

            Comb (Provided by Hotels & Motels affiliated with HM Association)

For females military that are injured: personal sanitation items (Provided by Hotels & Motels affiliated with HM Association)


CLOTHING ITEMS        (25% M, 50 % L, 25 % XL)


            Boxer Shorts (M, L. XL) (Ordered & Rcvd Aug 6 from Dollar Days)

            Socks-white (Ordered & Rcvd Aug 6 from Dollar Days)

            Pair of flip-flop shower shoes (Ordered & Rcvd Aug 6 from Dollar Days)

            T-shirts (M, LG, XL) (Rcvd from United Way)

            Pajama Bottoms w/ draw string or with elastic waist bands to allow them to

be worn over wounds (M, L, XL) (Substitute Sweat Pants in Winter Months) (Frank Ferrante Still looking - Aug 7)



            Kit Bag (usually bags with some sort of hand hole or hanger so that it can be

hung on a gurney)  (Found and donated by Fred Stapleford 0 zipper front pouch + Draw String Top adn String Strap for carrying over shoulder or on gurney)- Williamsburg Rotary printed on front - Nylon bages)     

        Hand written notes to soldiers (Many have printed Rotary Club name;

others notes could be supplied by school children as available) (Going to use previous small cards of thanks for the soldier's sacrifice and invite to Wmsbrg & the clubs when back).                       




Phone Cards—any company.  (Soldiers call to states on military lines and         

then use phone card to call home) (Located these at SAMs Club - not sure we want to send these yet)

Back Packs—soldiers arrive wounded and have nothing to put personal items).(Kit bags doubles for this)

Paperback books (Donated boxes of these from Fred Stapleford)

Music CD’s (Not for this shipment - othercharities focus on these)

Nurses & Doctor Gifts ??? Any ideas welcome!!!



Non-wool blankets—twin size.  (Wool cannot be used on seriously wounded as it irritates the wounds) (Have 50 from Sharron Cornelius's United Way - but they are for dble beds not single - may have to return if inappropriate - checking with Military  Contact in Iraq)

Sweat pants and sweat shirts (Winter Only - Summers hiit 122 F)

Cotton Pull-over hats (Winter Only )


Packing Boxes - (All donated from Bruce Robertson - Shirley Pewter) --Need approx 12 to 14 boxes size 16x16x16 approx)