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Current Newsletter Aug 15, 2018
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The Rotary Club of Williamsburg


   Williamsburg, VA USA
Established October 18, 1924                 
Club No. 5848   District 7600
August 14, 2018
 This week, Jimmye Laycock Head Coach of Tribe Football!
Williamsburg Rotary Club   Rotary International   District 7600
Chris Eckols, President   Barry Rassin, President   Susan Zachenzky-Walthall, DG
www.williamsburgrotary.org   www.rotary.org   www.rotary7600.org



Previous meeting, August 9, 2018 - Williamsburg Fire and EMS Capt Brad Beam and Fire Chief Pat Dent hosted by Will Hummel


In this interactive program, Capt Beam and Chief Dent stressed the importance of calling 911 in an emergency. Using Lucas (a highly technical life-saving training device), our club saw a demonstration of advanced CPR tools that are already being used in Williamsburg. Also, both showed that chances for survival in a cardiac emergency are greatly improved when a patient is transported by emergency services instead of by personal automobile.

Thank you Chief Dent and Capt Beam. 




Our club donated a book to the Williamsburg Regional Library in honor of Chief Dent and Capt Beam.


This week:

Jimmye Laycock, Head coach of William and Mary Football will give us his predictions and tell us about the upcoming Tribe Football Season!


Rotarians At Large:

Last week, we caught up with fellow Rotarian Mike D'Allesandro. Celebrating his 20 year anniversary in Aruba, Mike relayed his romantic side to the club with a new proposal to his wonderful wife. Way to go Mike! We are proud to have you in our club and hearing about your traveling adventures.


Prospective New Member!

Be on the lookout for a new member proposal. James Garafalo has been a guest to our club a few times and would like the opportunity to join our Rotary Club. I think he would be a great addition. Please let Joe Legaspi know if you have any reservations about inducting James.

Volunteer Hours

Did you do something this week simply for the sake of helping others? We would like to capture this as a way to show the relevance and impact of Rotarians helping and inspiring others. This does not have to be specific to Rotary, any volunteer activity should be included. Look for the index cards of the tables and scribble something down!


Do you Doodle

Please click the Doodle Survey and let us know if you will be attending this week.

We would like to better predict our attendance at our weekly meetings. Each week, we are required to guarantee a minimum reservation to the Lodge. Unfilled spots below the guarantee is simply a drain of our account. We recognize that we won't ever be 100% accurate, but a reduction of 4 empty slots equals $100 per meeting that we can save for better purposes (that's a lot of $ over a year!)

Mark your calendars!

Next week 8/23, we will host our District Governor Susan Zachensky-Walthall after a brief Board Meeting. Please make the effort to attend if at all possible. 

Later, the District 7600 Convention will be held September 28-30 at the Woodlands. ADG  Ron Lynde has asked our help to Marshall the event. We will not have a meeting that week, so this is your chance to serve the district in a meaningful way. Information and sign up can be found HERE


Community Service Chair: 

We are looking for a volunteer to help identify opportunities to serve in the community. The idea is that there are always events happening that require volunteers to support. A cummunity service chair would help find those events and inform the club of the opportunity. Just this weekend, Charles Crone and Chris Eckols were handed their finishers medal at the CDR Hero 5k at Jockeys Neck? by a Kiwanis club volunteer. What a great way to serve and have fun. Please let Club President Chris Eckols know if you would be interested.  


Rotaract Club of Williamsburg news:

Seyda Celci is kicking off a new year with her Rotaract Club. Several of her members graduated in May and she is working hard to attract new members. This weekend, she joined Scarlett Huang and Club President Chris Eckols at District 7600 training where we learned about Rotary Public Image and Membership. 


Meeting schedule: 

Remember, this is your club! We want you to enjoy the weekly speakers, so we need your help! Let Will Hummel know if you have an idea for an interesting speaker.

Invite guests to join us on Thursday evenings: 

The club board wants to remind members of the service opportunity that is Rotary. Please invite others in the community to join us as our guest. Sharing our club is the best way to encourage new members. Let us know if you plan to bring a guest and thank you for sharing Rotary with others. 


The Arc of Williamsburg seeks our help at the Learning Lab on Wednesdays from 10-12:

We supported the Learning Lab as one of three area Rotary Clubs supporting the District grant. Chuck Hobson has stepped up and spoke glowingly about his experience. Please contact him for time slots and opportunities to contribute.


Other opportunies:

It is never too early to start thinking about where we can help. Either local grants, global grants, or simply offering help to others in our community we are committed to service above self. Let us know where you see a need.


Meeting Schedule

August 16, 2018 - William and Mary head Football Coach, Jimmye Laycock

August 23, 2018 - District Governor Susan ZW


Note from the Treasurer:

Quarterly dues notification have been sent via email.  If you have not received it or would like to change your email address, please email Mike as soon as possible. Our budget is dependant on timely payment of quarterly dues.  Please pay your invoice as soon as possible. Payments are due within 30 days of the invoice.  Thank you. 


Foundations Supported Annually by Club Members:

(1) Williamsburg Rotary Foundation (WRF) - 

Don Murfee (r) hosted four of our 11 Williamsburg Rotary Foundation (WRF) grant awardees this year to hear brief project descriptions from each that were new to our club members. The WRF distributes checks annually from its foundation equity. This year's donations totaled $12,850 for the 11 grant awardees. Our WRF Grants are in the process of sending checks to WYBL, Camp Kesem*, CDR, The Arc, Literacy for Life, Greater Williamsburg Outreach Mission(GWOM)*, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Hospice House, Volunteer Fire (Med Equipment), Colonial Behavior Health (defibrillaters)*, and Early Childhood Music*. Thanks to all of our "club member sponsors" for preparing grant requests to WRF for the local charities that were awarded from WRF. 


 For your Information:  The WRF is building an endowment that will deliver an annual funding for our club's local grants that our members request in support of local charities.  Club members are encouraged to voluntarily donate at least $25 (minimum) each quarter with their dues invoice ($100 a year).


(2) The Rotary Foundation (TRF) -

The mission of TRF is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, support of education, and alleviation of poverty through District, Global, and packaged grants.  TRF awards grants from funds that have accumulated from donations.  The funds are returned to our district after three years to support annual grant requests, whether local or global (e.g., Local District Grants to support our Williamsburg Arc project with two other clubs and our club's Rwandan project was supported boith by ou rdistrict as well as Rotary International's foundation world fund to match financial supporters to reach our project budget that was approved.  We encourage donations annually to donate individually so that our annual club donations will be satisfied from each member to Candance's TRF of amounts no less than $25 per quarter (minimum).to help us meet our club's projected goal. 


From Rotary International President:

 "Our theme in this Rotary year is Be the Inspiration. I chose this theme because, throughout my years in Rotary, I have seen that what truly motivates Rotarians is their work. The Rotarians who have the biggest impact through their service aren’t always the women and men with the greatest resources, the most experience, or the largest networks. They’re the ones who are inspired. Whether it was something they did, something they saw, or someone they met, they’ve all had experiences that lit them on fire—and inspired them to serve."  Rotary International President Barry Rassin


To learn more of Barry's vision for 2018-2019, click HERE:




        Come join the fun......in Queen of Hearts! Bobby Braxton is back dealing the cards.



For a complete list of programs go to http://www.williamsburgrotary.org.  While you are on-line, don't forget we have an active Facebook page that you can visit for more information as well as many more photos.


Visit our Facebook site! There you can offer comments about a variety of issues such as how we can improve our club, our site, or our activities in general.  Try to visit the site and help us improve our club so that we all can benefit. Tell your friends and neighbors about the site and be sure to invite them to view photos and offer their comments as well.  


When you go to our Club Web Page you can access important information about Williamsburg Rotary and its members. Please do visit both our site and our Facebook.  Addresses and personal contact information are  limited to members only. 


Thank you,


Chris Eckols


Test of the things we think, say, or do:

1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?