The Rotary Club of Williamsburg


   Williamsburg, VA USA
         Established October 18, 1924                
Club No. 5848   District 7600
January 8, 2018
Williamsburg Rotary Club   Rotary International   District 7600
Peter Mellette, President   IAN H.S.Riseley, President   John D. Padgett, DG


Next Meeting:


Jan 11: Marcia Blevins, Virginia Natural Gas 



December 21 Meeting: George Hudgins led us through the annual Yankee Swap ritual. Mike was happy about his additions, so was Don (and presumably Geri); Chuck, with his initial gift of a drone, not so much:

     yankee swap 1


 yankee swap 2


yankee swap 3

RI/District News:

It's Official: The Rotaract Club of Williamsburg has been chartered! Thanks to Seyda Celci for her leadership. And for the support of the Williamsburg Rotary Club! The official first meeting as a chartered club - see below.  Congratulations Rotaract Club members!




Global Grant update: Our own Frank Ferrante is headed to Africa! The training of emergency responders in Rwanda will proceed in January with our club's support. Thanks to Frank Ferrante, Lisa Ogburn (Bangs-Russell Foundation), Alvin Garrison, Jo Janka and Charles Crone for their role in providing matching funding for the grant award and in managing the project going forward.


Rotary Young Leaders Award: Three students were nominated to go to the RYLA retreat in February. Thanks to Chris Echols,  Will Hummel and others for leading this effort.


Volunteer Opportunity: The Arc of Williamsburg seeks our help to volunteer at the Learning Lab on Wednesdays from 10-12,  2 volunteers at a time.  We supported the Learning Lab as one of three area Rotary Clubs supporting the District grant. The volunteers will work one-on-one with our clients using math, reading, and word processing programs.  They may also work with certain clients on how to use the mouse and keyboard.  As for skills needed, the clients will be solving elementary level math problems or reading short passages and answering questions.  Some of them will work with Microsoft Word, so some familiarity with that program would be helpful.  Otherwise, the main skills are patience and a willingness to repeat and reinforce the learning.? 


Next District 7600 Convention - September 28-30, 2018, Fort Magruder Conference Center, Williamsburg


Salvation Army Bell Ringing: A final reminder of a job well done, with a little help from our friends: in photo is Hugh C. Rowland a past Rotarian from S.C.  A big thanks to Hugh, and also to those not in this photo - Allyson Flachum (Zone Admin for City of Williamsburg), Seyda Celci (current president of our club's Rotaract), Lisa Ogburn (friend of our club and Salvation Army), Barry Joseph (H.E.W. Living - Outdoor manager), Bob Tubbs (retired past club president), and Leo & Elli Legaspi (son & daughter of our club's membership chair Joseph Legaspi).  

Bell ringing 2017

Meeting Schedule for December 2017/ January 2018


Jan 11: Marcia Blevins, Virginia Natural Gas


Jan 18: Lee Muckey & Zafir, Rotary Youth Services




Mike D'Alesandro, our  Club Treasurer, has indicated that email quarterly dues notification have been sent.  If you have not received it or would like to change your email address, please email--- Mike.  Please pay dues as soon as possible so our cash flow is balanced.  Dues are due within 30 days of the invoice sent.  Thank you. 


Foundations Supported Annually by Club Members:

(1) Williamsburg Rotary Foundation (WRF) -

Don Murfee is collecting grant applications from club members on behalf of qualified nonprofit organizations. The Williamsburg Rotary Foundation will fund grant requests from club members as sponsors that are received by November 15, 2017. Please see Don or the club webpage at for a grant application.



For your Information:  The WRF is building an endowment that will deliver an annual funding for our club's local grants that our members request in support of local charities.  Club members are encouraged to voluntarily donate at least $25 (minimum) each quarter with their dues invoice ($100 a year).


(2) The Rotary Foundation (TRF) - The mission of TRF is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, support of education, and alleviation of poverty through District, Global, and packaged grants.  TRF awards grants from funds that have accumulated from donations.  The funds are returned to our district after three years to support annual grant requests, whether local or global.  We also encourage donations annually to TRF of amounts no less than $25 per quarter (mini




QUEEN OF HEARTS: Come make it three in a row!


                    Come join the fun.......... in Queen of Hearts - We start over again this week...



For a complete list of programs go to  While you are on-line, don't forget we have an active Facebook page that you can visit for more information as well as many more photos.


If you visit our Facebook site,  you can offer your comments about a variety of issues, such as how we can improve our club, our site, or our activities in general.  Try to visit the site and help us improve our club so that we all can benefit. Tell your friends and neighbors about the site and be sure to invite them to view photos and offer their comments as well.  This may help us in expanding our membership. 


When you go to our Club Web Page you can access important information about Williamsburg Rotary and its members. Please do visit both our site and our Facebook.  Addresses and personal contact information are  limited to members only. 


Thank you,


Peter Mellette


Test of the things we think, say, or do:

1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

"Rotary Serving Humanity"
 "In this new Rotary year, we all have a new chance to change the world for the better, through Rotary Serving Humanity."  Rotary International President Ian H.S.Riseley in July's Rotarian Magazine.