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Newsletter Archive Apr 8, 2010
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The Rotary Club of Williamsburg


Williamsburg, VA USA
Hands Logo
Established October 18, 1924
Club No. 5848 District 7600
April 8, 2010
Williamsburg Rotary Club Rotary International District 7600
Mike Maddocks, President John Kenny, President Karlis Graubics DG
www.williamsburgrotary.org www.rotary.org www.rotary7600.org



This week's Rotary Meeting - April 8 - Hampton Roads Partnership - E. Dana Dickens III & Donna Morris discuss "Vision - Hampton Roads" initiative and its goal to position the region as region fueled by Innovation, Intellectual & Human Capital, Infrastructure and a Sense of Place.  Host will be Bob Tubbs.



Rotary Next Week - April 15 - "Rik" Rikkola is the Executive Director of the Executive Partners program at the Mason School of Business at William & Mary.  He will describe the program, credited by Dean Larry Pulley as one of the top recruiting and educational draws of the business school. Member host is Rick Spatz. 
Last Thursday's Meeting - April 1 - Commander William O'Connor, Commanding Officer, SE Virginia Naval Recruting District - Today's Navy and its capabilities and role in humanitarian contributions and missions worldwide. 



Club President Mike Maddocks anouncing to Commander William O'Connor that a book has been donated to our Public Library in his name in appreciation of his presentation to our club.  A certificate designating that donation is being described. 



 Rotary (International) Foundation Fund Drive:


OK everyone one more time =  in the next few weeks we will be kicking off our push for the Rotary (International) Foundation donation drive so that our club can meet their specified donation goal for this FY. 


Our club offered as its Rotary (International) Foundation goal that we would work hard to collect at least an average of $150 from each member for the year towards support for our International Rotary Foundation funds.


In addition,


With your donations to the Polio Plus Challenge we are hoping to be rid of this scourge by the end of 2012 or no later than 2016. 


Our club's goal presented to District back in June of 2009, was that we would work hard to have our club annual contributions average $150 per member to the Rotary International's Foundation.  Please make sure you donate. 


If you have not yet contributed or pledged a contribution through our invoice process, get your check to Bringier McConnell or me (Frank Ferrante) as soon as possible.  Checks can be made out to "The Rotary Foundation." Ask about how contributions can be made by Credit Card on-line through the Rotary.org web site - go to Contribute and follow the instructions.   Thanks all for your support!


Added feature of Rotary (International) Foundation:  What are Annual Program Fund Reconition Points?  What do they mean? What can I do to enjoy their use? If I transfer them to a friend does that reduce my PHF status?  Does the transfer have to be to a Rotary Member?   What was the purpose of this special bonus being provided to those that make PHF?

To be continued next week.

More photos from the evening meeting are posted on-line under menu item "Photo Albums"

Queen of Hearts as of: April 1, 2010

John Hummel was raffle drawing winner;

he did not draw the Queen of Heart - but he did get his photo in the local paper while he was photographng the new Griffin mascot for W&M and his spouse Nancy was also interviewed on  a news clip on the evening TV news (ABC)


Pot approximately $160 with 44 cards remaining.



Test of the things we think, say, or do:
1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?