Williamsburg Rotary Foundation 

Rotary Club of Williamsburg 

2017-2018 Grant Application 


Organizations Name: ____________________________________________________ 


Organizations Address: __________________________________________________ 


Organizations Contact Person and Phone Number: ____________________________ 


Rotary Sponsors Name and Phone Number: _________________________________ 


Project Name: _________________________________________________________ 


Project Description: _____________________________________________________ 









Is this organization tax exempt?  Yes __  No __


Will funding serve residents of the Greater Williamsburg Area?  Yes __  No __



Estimated number of recipients: ___________________________________________ 


Has this organization received funding from the Rotary Club of Williamsburg in the past

5 years?   Yes __  No __


If yes, the amount of funding and the years received: ___________________________ 


Amount of request: (minimum of $500) $_____________________________________ 


Grant application deadline: November 16, 2017 


Applications should be submitted to: Don Murfee. He can be reached at email: dmurfee@tcva.com or phone: 757-220-6260 or 757-221-0044. 



Thomas J Morris, WRF President 

The Rotary Club of Williamsburg 

Williamsburg, Virginia